Christine Røde

is a digital Product Designer at Deliveroo with a passion for people, technology, and urbanism. She's lived and worked in Oslo, San Francisco, London, and Amsterdam✖︎. Previously, she designed consumer-facing tools for Facebook.

Enough third person. Want to build great things together? I'd love to chat.

OVER THE YEARS, I've also been called a graphic designer, web developer, visual designer, UX designer, and a lead. I enjoy doing them all, and find I'm rarely happy when confined to a single bucket. I'd rather be hands-on through the entire end-to-end creative process.

I LOVE LEARNING and am always looking to add a new skill to my toolkit, even if it falls outside of my job description. But if you need the type of designer who's a specialist at drawing wireframes, you're more likely better off with someone else.

Product Design

Product design is what I do. With a focus on mobile devices and web, I fight to balance user experience and business needs through the full creative process.

From strategy, user experience, interface design, visual design, prototyping, and iteration, I thrive when I'm solving hard problems and seeing them all the way through.

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& Graphic Design

I studied Graphic Design in university and still have a deep passion for visual expression. While oft dismissed as "making things pretty," I believe graphic design to be about visual problem solving, storytelling, and clear communication — skills I've found invaluable in my professional work.

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Recent Writing

Select Appearances

  1. I gave a talk about using your own products at TheUXConf.
  2. I talked to Design Details FM about life outside of design.
  3. I sat on a panel for Ladies that UX London
  4. I was featured in Dagens Næringsliv's 30 under 30 series, a national Norwegian newspaper.
  5. I chatted with The Start FM about my path into design.

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